Working with your Builder

Once you have chosen a builder it is important to know how to work together to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible. This involves knowing what to expect from your builder and what they should expect from you.

Discuss timings - You should have already drawn up a work specification or brief of what you expect before signing a contract with your builder, but it’s important to sit down with your builder before the project starts to discuss how long they anticipate the project taking. It’s important to ensure all agreements from the beginning of the project to the end are kept in writing (see contracts and money).

Receive regular updates - You should expect your builder to arrange set times for when work should be completed as the project progresses and ask to be given regular updates on the progress. You must always ensure you are well informed on how the project is going, if there are going to be any delays and you should ensure you are 100% satisfied with each stage of the process.

Communication - Problems often arise when specifications, changes or feedback are not communicated clearly by the customer to the builder. You should be expected to ask your builder any questions you have relating to the project as the work progresses.

Keep a close eye on progress - You should keep a diary of how the work is progressing and take regular photographs of the site. Take photographs of any problems you identify as the work progresses so you can bring these up with your builder if necessary.

Mutual respect and understanding - Try and see your builder as a partner in the project and work together as a team. Mutual respect and understanding are the key ingredients in ensuring your job is completed successfully. You should understand that the very nature of the construction industry means projects do not always run 100% to plan. You should try to understand the difference between problems that arise due to the inefficiency of the builder and those problems that arise due to factors outside of their control. 

Notify builder of any changes ASAP - If you decide to change any aspect of the job you must notify your builder as soon as possible. Changes will become more difficult and costly as work is completed. Agree with your builder what the changes will mean to the original plans and what adjustments to timescales will be required. You should expect to pay additional costs and expenses if they arise as a result of any change to the initial plans/work specification.

Sign contracts - You should remember that any contract entered into not only binds your builders, but also legally binds yourself as the client.

Ensure you’re 100% happy - Before your builder disappears and starts work on another project, ensue you’re 100% happy with the work carried out and they have achieved everything they set out to do to a satisfactory standard. Bringing things up while they are still working with you will be easier than calling them back once they have finished and left the site.

Talk to your account manager - if you’ve used our service to find a builder, we will assign an account manager to oversee your project. They will call you for updates on how the project is going and check you are happy with the work. If there are any issues that you feel you cannot bring up with your builder in person, we can help sort these out.

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